A compilation of newsletters published quarterly featuring new product information, trending book suggestions, FAQs, new project ideas, social media updates and more.

I worked with our designers and educational director to generate and edit content. Newsletters were then created using Adobe Creative Cloud; Photoshop for image editing and backgrounds, and InDesign for laying in content. 

Fall 2017

Fall 2017_Newsletter.compressed_Page_1Fall 2017 Newsletter PDF 

Spring 2017

Spring 2017 Newsletter.compressed_Page_1View Spring 2017 Newsletter PDF 

Winter 2017

Winter 2017 Newsletter CoverView Winter 2017 Newsletter PDF 

Spring 2016

Spring 2016 Newsletter_FINAL__Page_1View Spring 2016 Newsletter PDF 

Winter 2016

Winter 2016_Final.compressed_Page_1View Winter 2016 Newsletter PDF 

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