Project Sheets

With every new tool, new projects were designed, published and translated from English to Spanish. I completed the project sheets pictured below by using Adobe Creative Cloud; Photoshop for image editing and backgrounds, InDesign for laying in content.


Market Tote: Embellished with Felting and Embroidery

CT0177-CoverFall Mug Rug with Wonder Fuse

CT0175-Macrame Plant Hanger.compressed_Page_1

The Art of Macrame


I Sew for Fun

CT0169-Tunisian Pillow.compressed (1)_Page_1

Tunisian Crocheted Pillow

CT0165-Wool on Wool.compressed_Page_1

Wool on Wool Felted Centerpiece

CT0165-Wool on Wool_Spanish.compressed_Page_1

Wool on Wool Felted Centerpiece in Spanish

CT0163_Wonder Fuse_FINAL.compressed_Page_1

Mini Quilt Applique with Wonder Fuse

CT0162-No Hassle_Cover

Never a Hassle


Winter Woven Accessories

CT0160-Mini Weaving Loom_Accessories_Spanish_Page_1

Winter Woven Accessories in Spanish

CT0159_Hooded Cowl_Page_1

Jumbo Hooded Cowl

CT0159_Hooded Cowl_Spanish_Page_1

Jumbo Hooded Cowl in Spanish


Chunky Hair Pin Lace Scarf 


Chunky Hair Pin Lace Scarf in Spanish 

CT0154-Autumn Sunset_Final_Cover

Autumn Sunset Cable Crotched Scarf 

CT0154_Autumn Sunset Scarf_Spanish_Page_1

Autumn Sunset Cable Crocheted Scarf in Spanish 

CT0153-Stash Basket_Update_Page_1

Stash Baskets

CT0148_Jumbo Circulars_Page_1

Knit Today, Wear Tomorrow

CT0141-Home Decor_Updated_Cover

Home Decor

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