Web Banners

New products were introduced quarterly, and with them a new banner unveiled on the main website in both English and Spanish. I designed the web banners pictured below using Adobe Creative Cloud; Photoshop for image editing and backgrounds, and InDesign for laying in content. 

January 2018

Bobbin Tatting Shuttles


October 2017

Curve Ruler Banner_NEWI Sew for Fun in Spanish

Curve Ruler Banner

June 2017

resize_webbannertunisian.jpgTunisian Crochet in Spanish 

May 2017

resize_rosettewebbanner.jpgRosette Makers in Spanish

resize_WonderFuse_English.jpgWonder Fuse in Spanish 

January 2017

Mini Weaving Loom.jpgMini Weaving Loom in Spanish

Stitch Markers Banner.jpgQuick Locking Stitch Markers in Spanish

October 2016

Roll and Press.jpgRoll and Press in Spanish 

May 2016

Mini Wonder Clips.jpgMini Wonder Clips in Spanish 

January 2016

Tassel.jpgTassel Makers in Spanish

Oval Loom.jpgStanding Oval Knitting Loom in Spanish 


Takumi Banner.jpgTakumi Bamboo Knitting Needles in Spanish

Wedge Iron Banner.jpgWedge Iron in Spanish

Kanzashi Banner.jpgKanzashi Flower Makers 

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