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Simulated campus gunman

CSUSB conducted an Active Shooter Preparedness exercise on Thursday, April 10, at 10:30 a.m. in front of University Hall. 

Although the specific point of attack took place in one building, the exercise was campus wide.

Depending on the circumstances, campus police advise students to either evacuate or seek shelter when this type of situation occurs.

“A situation like this occurs on university campuses and throughout the community. We need to make ourselves aware and prepare for the general circumstances,” said Police Chief Jimmie Brown.

Brown added that the importance of this simulation is to “make sure that the campus is ready in a situation of this sort.”

Brown would like students, faculty and staff to “take the situation seriously in order to be fully prepared in such circumstances.”

Joe Gutierrez, assistant director of Public Affairs, had his own take on the active shooter exercise.

“This exercise should be taken as seriously as an earthquake and fire drill because it is just as important and prevalent,” said Gutierrez.

“The problem is that active shooter instances happen too often; we want to save lives in this situation.”

He also mentioned that the goal of the simulation is to learn to react, survive and help others.

Gutierrez added that it is not only an exercise for the students, faculty and staff, but also for the officers.

For further questions on the demonstration contact police chief Jimmie Brown.

Originally published on (April 10, 2014)

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