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Sex Offender Nonsense

Convicted sex offender files a series of 18 lawsuits challenging legal restrictions on sex offenders in California. 

The Sun reports that Frank Lindsay, a sex offender for 35 years has allied with attorney Janice Bellucci to carry out these lawsuits.

Bellucci is the president of a nonprofit organization that fights for the oppressed sex offenders called California Reform Sex Offender Laws.

The duo have targeted many local cities, the first of which was Pomona. The Sun reports that Pomona’s restrictions included banning sex offenders from any public place where there was a high possibility of a child being present.

After being sued in March, Pomona released an amended set of restrictions, allowing sex offenders more liberty.

Other targeted cities consist of South Lake Tahoe, Carson, Ontario, Commerce and South Pasadena along with many others.

According to the Sun, Bellucci states that restricting a sex offenders is unconstitutional.

Originally published on (October 25, 2014)

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