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Woman banned from using her cellphone after killing bicyclist

A Michigan resident was banned from using any portable device after she struck and killed a bicyclist.

Mitzi Nelson claims she was distracted by her cellphone and has been banned from using any portable communication device for two years, according to the Associated Press.

Woman cheered at niece’s graduation, received misdemeanor charges

In Mississippi, a woman was criminally charged for cheering at her niece’s graduation.

According the Associated Press, the audience was told to hold their cheers until the end of the ceremony, but never expected to be reprimanded with misdemeanor charges of allegedly disturbing the peace.

The school district superintendent said the behavior was disrespectful to other students, preventing them from hearing their name announced, according to the Associated Press.

Fracking to blame for low birth weight babies

Low birth weight babies may be linked to “fracking”, according to CBS News.

A study done by the University of Pittsburgh has found a positive correlation between high-volume hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and low birth weight in areas exposed to the natural gasses emitted by fracking, according to CBS News.

Taco Bell in Chicago to serve alcohol

A Taco Bell in Chicago will begin serving alcoholic beverages to their customers, according to Time Magazine.

Taco Bell is going through a rebranding effort to create upscale locations. Chicago will be the first location to serve alcoholic beverages but Taco Bell has already started serving in Spain, Japan and South Korea, according to Time Magazine.

Pluto’s moons are out of control due to football shape

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has found that two of Pluto’s moons are moving uncontrollably.

According to the SETI Institute, a possible explanation for the movement is that Pluto’s moons are on a gravitation field that is in constant shift.

The moons’ shapes are not round but instead are shaped liked footballs, which is a contributing factor to the erratic movement, according to the SETI Institute.

Originally published on (June 7, 2015)

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