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The prices for limes are rising and so are lime thieves (April 7)
Due to the rising prices of limes, people are stealing limes directly from the groves, which in turn causes prices to rise even higher. 
The price has increased so much that truckers transporting limes have to travel with escorts due to a recent bandit who stole more than $50,000 in shipment.

Biofuels have a higher pollution rate than gasoline (April 20)
The Obama administration concluded that biofuels are better for the environment than gasoline.
Yet scientific studies found that biofuels will only speed up the process of global warming.

Middle aged people moving back in with their parents (April 20)
The economy continues to grow increasingly worse, which has led to people in their fifties having to move back home with their parents.
Reports show that middle-aged adults are moving home at a higher rate than young adults who have just graduated college and on the hunt for jobs.

Apple’s “Goes Green” (April 21)
Apple has found that the improper disposal of their devices is contaminating landfills. For this reason, they have decided to recycle products and give customers gift cards as compensation for their cooperation given that the products are still in good condition. However, if they are not in good condition, they will still take the product with no compensation in return.

Mexican president tries to ban Internet (April 21)
President Enrique Pena Nieto is trying to pass a new law that claims to provide greater access to the Internet.
However, activists say that certain conditions in the bill allow the government to have the control over the Internet freedom of residents.
Activists claim that the bill would allow the government to cut off Internet access on their phones and in their homes. The government would also be allowed to go through anyone’s Internet history without a court order.
The bill also allows a temporary block signal as a way of national security in government related events.

Money has more bacteria than we think (April 21)
Scientists have found over 3,000 different types of microbes on dollar bills.
One of the most abundant species of microbes is an acne inhibitor. Some of these microbes carry antibiotic resistance.
They also claim that a wallet at body-temperature works as a petri dish, in the sense that it procreates more and more microbes.

Gorillas dying at a rapid pace due to contamination of human illnesses (April 22)
The gorilla population in Uganda is threatened by deforestation as well as human diseases.
Gorillas have a similar genetic makeup to humans making them susceptible to human viruses, however, there are no methods to treating these animals.
This can lead to the species’ death and possibly even their extinction.

Originally published on (April 25, 2014)

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