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Feminist Rory Dicker visits CSUSB

Rory Dicker, a professor at Vanderbilt University and author of “A History of U.S. Feminisms” made a visit to CSUSB on May 17 to speak to students about feminism. 

Rory DickerThe lecture was held in the San Manuel Student Union Event Center.

Professor Janet Kottke introduced the keynote speaker by asking the audience, “If we do not need a wave of feminism now, when?” It was then that CSUSB students and staff gave a warm Coyote welcome to Rory Dicker.

Dicker, a highly proclaimed feminist, started her lecture by asking what were some stereotypes of a feminist. They included, “ugly, hairy, man-hating, butch, angry, hostile, militant.”

She moved on from there to describe the different meanings of feminism and how feminists can’t be generalized as just women because there are so many different kind of women in our nation, let alone the world.

Dicker then described three different waves of feminism. The First Wave (1848-1920) was focused mainly around women’s suffrage. The Second Wave (1963-1982) was focused around women becoming independent. Finally, the Third Wave (1992-present) whose goal is not yet defined because it has just started.

She was asked a couple questions by the audience. Some of which included the views of feminism toward prostitution, her relationship with her husband (since she’s a feminist) and her view on reproductive rights.

When asked about the lecture, student Breshon Christmas said, “I don’t mind feminism, I am very religious and I want my husband to be head of the household. I agree with the correct definition of submission.”

Dicker said she was very satisfied with the outcome of her lecture and that her main goal was to communicate the history of feminism in the United States as well as articulate the unwavering need for feminist activism.

The room was filled with a diversity of students and staff that were more than interested in what Dicker had to say.

The program got started with a warm and welcoming speech by President Dr. Albert K. Karnig who talked about valuing diversity. He also mentioned how “it is innocent and naive to believe diversity comes without challenges.”

He continued his speech by talking about how diverse our campus is, how there isn’t a majority in race, and finished off with the percentage of female students.

According to Dr. Karnig, the last time there were more men than women enrolled at CSUSB was in 1992.

Originally published on (May 23, 2012)

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