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European colleges offer free tuition

American college students can attend foreign universities for free in seven international countries.
The Washington Post reported that tuition in U.S. colleges has been on a steady rise, while various universities across the globe have approached the financial situation by decreasing or getting rid of tuition charges as a whole.
The majority of these funded institutions are in European countries with the exception of one. Germany, Finland, France, Sweden, Norway, Slovenia, and Brazil all have universities that are free of tuition costs or have cheaper tuition costs than American universities for their citizens and for international students.
The majority of them offer programs in English for American students as well.
The German government, who began this new venture in October, is the most recent to implement complete funding of tuition costs for their universities.
According to the Washington Post, Dorothee Stapelfeldt, a senator in the northern city of Hamburg, Germany addressed the situation by stating that tuition and fees discouraged students especially when they didn’t have the funds to attend college.
Stapelfeldt said it is in the country’s best interest to encourage students to attend school and maintain a higher level of education and the best way to achieve that is by covering the charges for them.
Germany offers over 900 undergraduate and graduate degrees in English, allowing German students to learn English and to attract foreign students that will potentially help the German economy by increasing the populaton of skilled workers when students have completed their degrees.
Finland is another country that provides funding for students, domestic and foreign, but they remind anticipating attendees that the government will not fund their personal expenses.
French universities offer 76 English language undergraduate programs.
Although attending these schools isn’t free, attending a private, prestigious institution in this country is less expensive than attending a private university in the U.S., reports the Washington Post.
Tuition in Sweden isn’t free for undergraduates, but is free for students interested in doctorate programs.
There are 35 universities with more than 300 programs offered to students in English.
Universities in Norway are free, but they also hold one of the most expensive costs of living, however, they guarantee a good educational experience with small class sizes and engaged professors.
Over 150 programs in English are offered in Slovenia and the only applicable fee to students is a small registration fee when they enroll.
Lastly, in Brazil there is only one small registration fee to attend but the universities only offer specific courses in English.
This location would be best suited for exchange students, as opposed to students who are seeking a stationary degree, according to The Washington Post.
While international schools offer American students free schooling, tuition in the United States is still rising.

Originally published on (October 31, 2014)

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