Coyote watch: Martin Luther King continues to inspire students

With Martin Luther King Jr’s. birthday passing us by on Wednesday, January 15, many students are getting ready for the three-day weekend, remembering the man who fought relentlessly during the Civil Rights Movement.

“He has inspired me to not let anybody tell me that it’s not possible to accomplish something. He has helped me be determined and find out what determination really means.”

-Luz Santana, Sophomore

“It has taught me to accept diversity and not be judgmental to other people.”

-Jessica Carra, Junior

“He went against the law in his protest for the benefit of other people. He was very selfless.”

-Gustavo Esparza, Junior

“Martin Luther King Jr. has inspired me to be the best person that I can be. Instead of fighting evil with evil he has taught me to kill people with kindness. He’s made my life a lot more peaceful. And he makes me want to be a humble person.”

-Cassandra Butcher, Sophomore

“He has inspired me to see the good in everyone and that hard work and sacrifice pays off.”

-Stephanie Khatib, Freshman

“He has inspired me to be a strong individual. Accept others and not be judgmental. Accepting people for who they are.”

-Vannessa Morfin-Zaldana, Sophomore

“You can do anything you set your mind to. Never give up. Even when you fall down get up and find new ways.”

-Jasmine Quintero, Freshman

“Martin Luther King Jr. has inspired me by showing me that there is no progress or success without struggle. He persevered through great adversity and prejudice to help those who would come in later years to have better opportunities for future endeavors. He inspired me to join my fraternity Alpha-Pi-Alpha so that I could further continue to promote manly deeds, scholarship and love for all mankind.”

-Nicholas Akingbemi, Senior

“He had the courage to stand up given his circumstances during that time and his perseverance is inspiring.”

-Rhaisa Baker, Junior

“His courage and determination has inspired me to stand up for what is right in any given circumstances. And stand up for people can’t stand up for themselves.”

-Krea Baker, Senior

Originally published on coyotechronicle.net (January 16, 2014)

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