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Choose soy over animal products

Not only is soy lower in fat but it also contains less cholesterol than animal based products, according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). This is why people should choose to consume soy products instead of animal products. 

Soy is rising in popularity because it has been found to not only be a healthier option but it also provides consumers with a higher portion of their daily vitamins. agrees that the expansion of products that are free of animal based ingredients have grown to the point where there is a substitute for almost all animal products.

Soy is considered to be not only the richest but the cheapest source of protein. Half of the plants component is made out of protein.

With the increasing demand for soy, producers are starting to genetically enhance the growth of soybeans to provide their product to the consumers.

Promoters of soy warn consumers to only purchase organic soy because anything else will most likely be loaded with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that are harmful to human development.

The mass production of food leads to animals being injected with hormones to help them grow faster. We then consume the animal products and every thing that they are injected with. claims that soy can and has been linked to neurological problems, learning disabilities, developmental disorders, and mental health disorders.

Soy contains high levels of manganese, which is a mineral our body needs. Manganese can be found in many foods including nuts, seeds, grains and vegetables. When consumed in excess manganese increases the possibility of having a negative health reaction.

Student Christopher Garcia said that he prefers soy because animal-cruelty as well as health benefits plays a huge role when it comes to eating animal based products.

Organic products are more pricey than non-organic but spending a little more money now will benefit us in the future.

“The price difference between soy products and animal based products isn’t drastic,” said Garcia. “I’d rather spend an extra quarter now and enjoy the benefits it will bring in the future.”

Soy is still relatively new to Western nations, so we do not know the exact benefits or detriments it will have on our future health.

As of now, research claims it is a better option but we will not be completely sure until we age and either see the results for ourselves or research can do a more in depth study at that time.

The only thing we can do for now is compare the benefits soy has brought other countries.

As students, we may become too busy to pay attention to the foods we are consuming but it is very important that we begin keeping a closer eye on it.

The future of our health depends on it.

Originally published on (January 24, 2014)

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