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American beauty is exemplified through song translation in different languages

The Coca-Cola Company created an advertisement for the Super Bowl that has stirred up a lot of unnecessary controversy based on ignorant views of the makeup of our country. 

The commercial consisted of “America the Beautiful” sung in different languages. The advertisement includes the Spanish, Tagalog, Mandarin, Hindi, Hebrew, Keres, Senegalese,French and Arabic languages.

As soon as the commercial debuted the backlash began.

People started tweeting hateful remarks such as, “Nice to see that coke likes to sing an American song in the terrorists’ language.” Another said, “We speak ENGLISH here IDIOTS.”

Soon the hashtag #SpeakAmerican began trending.

There were also people who supported the commercial and the message it was trying to send.

Glenn Beck said, “If you’re offended your a racist. If you do like it, you’re for progress.”

What some people have failed to realize is that cultural changes have enveloped most of America. Having no religious affiliation is becoming more popular as well as identifying as multicultural and as a homosexual.

Coca-Cola released a statement that read, “The ad provides a snapshot of the real lives of America representing diverse ethnicities, religions, races, and families, all found in the United States.”

The point of the commercial was that Coca-Cola, which is an international product, can bring the world together.

“I thought it was an excellent representation of America,”said Donna Gotch, a communications professor. “America, to me, is all different faces, different voices and different languages.

Gotch added, that this is the land of opportunity for everyone and while English is the national language there is no law that declares it the official language,

As far as I’m concerned, saying #SpeakAmerican is one of the most ignorant claims a person living in America can make because there is no particular American language.

We speak English which was brought by our ancestors when they migrated from England to this continent.

If we go back far enough, every single person in this country with the exception of the Native American culture migrated from somewhere else in the world.

Student Edna Velazquez said, “There is no set definition of what makes an American.”

“I view these allegations as disrespectful because we live in America, the land of the free, we have so many people from different backgrounds, and English is either their first or second language and they are embracing their native tongue,” said student Desirae Contreras.

Sushmitha, one of the girls who sings in Hindi, said that she feels, “The message that we’re sending through this video is so beautiful, that we are all the same. We just have different backgrounds and that’s OK.”

I think we all know and realize that the United States is the most diverse nation in the world. We are a country built on immigrants. To make the absurd claim that we only speak English, is the most foolish comment someone can make.

Originally published on (February 14, 2014)

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